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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. It is celebrated on February 14th all over the world. In the UK we celebrate by sending cards adorned with hearts, gifting our partners and loved one red roses and chocolates, but did you know some of the different ways other countries celebrate Valentines Day?

In Japan, on Feb 14th, women give their husbands/boyfriends chocolate gifts, usually homemade chocolate’s called Honmei-choco. The women also give Giri-choco to other men in their lives (such as bosses, family members and friends) That is a lot of chocolate! Not only this, the women also gift what is called jibun-choco to themselves. This sounds more like my kind thing! Now the men do not get away with just being on the receiving end! A month later it is time for the men to return the chocolate love….three times over! On March 14th, on a holiday called White Day, the men gift chocolate to all of the women that they received chocolate gifts from the month before but THREE TIMES THE AMOUNT! This I am liking Japan!

Now South Korea does the same as Japan, but they have another celebration one month later, on April 14th. This is called Black day and if you are single, this day is for you! You have a get together with all of your single friends, eat noodles and celebrate bring single! What an amazing idea!

Now celebrating with friends sounds so lovely. As many of you who know me in real life, know I have a close relationship with Finland. In Finland, on Feb 14th, the Finns celebrate Ystävänpäivä  (translated to friends day). It is a day, not only to send cards and gifts to your lover, but a public declaration day of your friendships. Celebrate with cards, gifts, lunch out, skating, having a drink or a walk to the park. What a beautiful day for all.

In Denmark, couples send little love notes to their beloved. These are called gaekkebrev. The sender doesn’t sign their name, instead they sign them with dots. If the recipient guesses who the note is from, then they will be rewarded with an Easter egg!

There are so many different ways Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world. Does your country have a different custom? Or do you have a special way of celebrating? However you do, I hope you have a wonderful day.