Staying home

2020 isn’t turning out how it was supposed to is it? I am sure, like us, you all had so many plans for this year, for them to all be cancelled and postponed, and well instead we stay home. Our personal upset is that we were supposed to be getting married, we had been so excited, and we were all ready to go ahead, and weddings were cancelled just a mere 16 hours before we said I do. In the grand scheme of things, it is just a small hiccup and the bonus is that we get to look forward to it all over again. In the meantime, we stay home. Stay at home, safe.

So that is what we are to do, to help protect the ones we love, help the NHS staff who are battling to save lives, whilst risking their own, to help all the key workers who are also working on the front line. Before I go further, I want to say a huge thank you to all these people, from the shop workers, delivery drivers, bin mean, nurses, doctors, cleaners, post office, the list goes on. You are all amazing and are keeping this country going!

When this was all beginning, I chose to close my website. At the second busiest time of the year, the run up to Easter, I couldn’t cope with the whole situation. Working 16 hour days, I was concerned about my family, friends, and my children, one who was hours away at uni,whilst worrying about whether or not I could even get my ingredients or the post was still running. So I closed so I could restore calm in my head and in my house! Now I am ready to step back into the kitchen once again, not every day and not for as many hours, but the website is (half) back open. I have updated the website so there are probably 50% of items in stock. To know what is in stock, if you hover over an item, if it is in stock, the box underneath will show pink/purple (anything green will be out of stock).

I have tried to adapt a few things to. To not see our friends and families is so difficult, missing birthdays and other milestones, so we have some letterbox choc gift boxes which you can send these straight to the recipient! How about a chocogram to say “we miss you” or “happy birthday” or even a box of lego chocolates for your nephew or grandson 🙂 Or a selection of treats for when you are working from home. I will work on a few more selections and they will be available soon.

I hope this helps all that still want to buy chocolate and have it delivered to your door. I have had so many enquiries about when I will be back open, and although I didn’t want to open up fully, I feel this is sensible balance.

I will be having two postal collections a week, rather than daily, and the post deliveries may be delayed due to Royal Mail, so please be patient with us all 🙂

That is all really, just stay home and stay safe. We stay apart now so we can once again be together in the future, Big Love to you all, E xx

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