Strawberry Unicorn Rainbow Hot Chocolate Kit


A pretty little DIY kit. With lots of pink, rainbow sprinkles and a chocolate unicorn! What more could you ask for?

Enough ingredients in each kit to make 2 strawberry chocolate drinks. Hot or cold.


A great little DIY hot chocolate kit. Make yourself a pretty pink rainbow hot chocolate. The kit comes with enough to make 2 drinks. You can also make this into a cold milkshake drink if you prefer.

Simply mix the strawberry sachet with hot or cold milk, top with whipped cream and decorate with the sprinkles, unicorn and marshmallows.

You will receive 2 sachets of strawberry Chocolate mix, 2 packets of marshmallows, 2 packets of rainbow sprinkles and decorations, and 2 packets of strawberry buttons with a white chocolate unicorn in each.

*Please note that the glass, straw or cream is not included. Just pick out your favourite mug or glass suitable for hot milk. You can also make this into a milkshake if you prefer to have a cold drink!



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