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The Sun has got it’s hat on!

The sun certainly has it’s hat on! Hip hip hip Hooray……or not! Well not when it comes to chocolate!

We use white boxes and we use polysterene pieces and paper wrap to help keep the temperature a little cooler, but sometimes it is just too hot! We tend to post each day around 4.30pm, and if the weather is above 22 degrees then we like to hold them back a little. The forecast is showing over 24 degrees each day, and although we have sent in much hotter temperatures we just don’t want to risk your products melting! So for the time being chocolate posting is suspended until it is cooler for sending and of course where it is being delivered to. We do keep an eye on the weather forecast where you are too.

If you order fudge, Rocky Road, or cookies then it will not be a problem. It is just the Chocolate!

Roll on Winter…..yes I did just say that!