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solid skull

Trick or Treat? Halloween goodies are available now!

We have been working hard on our Halloween treats this year, we have a great selection of delicious goodies! Solid white chocolate skulls, spooky lollipops and marshmallow kebabs. Which is it to be? A trick or  treat?

New Chocolate Bars

Check out our new collection of chocolate bars!

We have created a new range of chocolate bars in different flavours and colours.

We are so excited and can’t wait to show you all of them! Here are just a few samples …


Our rainbow unicorn chocolate bar is great for children’s parties:

This beautiful floral themed chocolate is one for the ladies:

This maple and pecan bar is amazingly delicious:

Our tasty raspberry and white chocolate bar is also out:


These colourful handmade bars are available to order now and you can find them on our Shop!